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  • An Overall Impression of a Zoo Park

    On the Development of the Nyíregyháza Zoo

    Architect: Attila Gáva
    Text: Miklós Okrutay
    Photos: Attila Balázs

    The zoo in Nyíregyháza has been doing a lot to make visits free from such undertones. The basic means to achieve this is the relative spaciousness of runways unprecedented elsewhere and the intensive communication with the animals. However, owing to developments taking place in the past few years the zoo has entered a new era, and this change of scales is also marked by new animal homes completed one by one. The overall impression speaks of the realization of the fact that architecture and the architectural quality may be the deliberately applied background to intensify experience, the effect of which is increased now by the fact that the houses completed are recognizably the work of the very same architect. The two most recent of them have proven to be excellent preliminary studies for the previous developments realized in one phase. In both cases the animal stock and the extension reveal that it is a highly complex programme, in which functionalist approach tested before and the organization based on addition function excellently.

    Leading architct: Attila Gáva
    Fellow architects: István Kertész, Tamás Szikora
    Structure: Zoltán Tóth – Steel-Soft Kft.
    Installations: Tibor Roland Simon – Külvent Bt.
    Electrical engineering: Géza Rácz – Vill-Terv Kft.
    Public utilities, roads: Károly Bíró – Bíró És Társa Kft.
    Kitchen technology: Ferenc Holik – Éltechno Kft.
    Green roof: Péter Márton – Fő-Kert-Ész Kft.
    Water installations: Gyula Fekete
    Fountain: Sándor Szűcs – Ganz-Hidro Kft.
    Design: Gav-Art Stúdió Kft.
    Client: Nyíregyházi Állatpark Kft.
    Main contractor: Ke-Víz 21 Zrt.