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    Competition of Brainstorm Designs for Studens 2010

    The Association of Hungarian Architects is inviting tenders of students, as well as DLA and sudents from every higher educational institution in Hungary majoring and/or specialized in architecture, landscape design, resettlement engineers, industrial and product design in a nationwide open and secret competition. Complex designs of concepts including urbanistic and design components are to be submitted. Józsefváros is a most densely populated cultural region of both Budapest and Central Europe, and the area concerned is in Inner Józsefváros bordered directly by Inner Ferencváros and the Inner City. The District of Palaces is defined and surrounded by significant monuments, such as the National Museum, Festetics Palace, Esterházy Palace and Károlyi Palace. The renewal of its surroundings is an ongoing project, as Józsefváros is to realize the programme titled a „Budapest the Inner City of Europe, cultural and economic developmental project” in the years 2010 and 2011. The changes in the traffic and transportation systems, the intensive radiation of the cultural institutions in the area, as well as the architectural monumens and relics of the square and its neighbourhood only mentioned tangentially above make it necessary to present new ideas and an architectural-cultural approach.
    The topic of the competition is the complex architectural and public square design of Mihály Pollack Square in District VIII of Budapest with the criteria of including ideas, concepts and proposals that position this public square as that of Architecture enriching it with solutions and works of either architecure or associated and applied arts to comply with and be worthy of its significance for cultural context.

    I. Prize – 16 322
    Design: Anita Csákvári, Balázs Horváth, Balázs Zoltán Zsoldos (BME)

    II. Prize – No. 16 288
    Design: János Mangel János, Eszter Hóbor, Ádám Tóth (BME)

    III. Prize – 16 294
    Design: Péter Zilahi (PTE)