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  • The Visible History of Time

    Reconstruction of a Protected Historic Residential Building, Budapest, Víziváros

    Architects: Kinga Garaguly, Bernadett Hild-Csorba
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Aliona Frankl


    Along the stairs that wind up Castle Hill in Buda, there is a small residential building standing in ruins for a long time. The local government of the Buda Castle District worked out a reconstruction project for this protected historic monument after several years’ preparation and thorough research as for the protection of listed buildings, archeology and restoration research to expose each stone of the building. The result is a live legendary, a treasury of building materials and styles of 500 years each component of which is rich in meanings. The local government as the client accepted the designers’ proposal with an exemplary approach so that the reconstruction could be realised with a minimal degree of intervention to house a single large-plan two-storey apartment in the building high-standard and tailor-made for a high-society tenant whilst respecting the architectural fragments as much as possible.

    Design: Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum- Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi Központ
    Architects: Kinga Garaguly, Bernadett Hild-Csorba
    Fellow architects: Dr. Zsófia Lukács, Ibolya Ráthné Tóth, Emőke Juhász
    Structure: Dr. András Vándor, Gergő Szarka
    Technical installations: Anna Deákné Dohar
    Electrical engineering: Nóra Károlyi
    Garden: Rita Remeczki
    Isolation: Dr. László Kakasy
    Geodesy: Péter Szökrön
    Fire protection: Áron Kerényi
    Úttervező: István Bokker
    Historical research: Péter Farbaky, Hild-Ybl Alapítvány
    Building research: Norbert, Jankovics Anna Simon, Renáta Kupovics
    Art research: Anna Selmeczi, Lajos Velledits
    Archaeology: Judit Benda – BTM
    Expert of preservation: Dr Judit Janotti
    Fresco restoration: Edina Fodor
    Stone restoration: Zsolt Karácsony, Szabolcs Csányi
    Wood restoration: Zoltán Jeney
    Project management: István Márkus – Budavári Önkormányzat
    Main contractor: 3R Kft.