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  • The Role of Ecology and Art in the Change of Paradigms

    The Symposium of the Nádasdy Academy, Nádasdladány, June 28th

    Text: Attila Ertsey


    The mission of the Nádasdy Academy was to promote the understanding of the concept „sustainable environment” originating from Ferenc Nádasdy which goes beyond the growth- and profit-oriented ideology of sustainable development as it realizes that it is actually the ideology of growth and profit that causes the destruction of our natural environments. Another realisation of Nádasdy was that there is no ecology without art. Laying down the foundations of approaching the process of healing the founder gathered the best known representatives of ecology and arts, András Lányi and Imre Makovecz amongst many others. After his death the board of trustees of the Foundation wishes to rephrase the Founder’s intention and set new goals for the Academy. The symposium in 2013 surveyed the results and achievements of the past 15 or so years whilst also looking forward to the future tasks of the Academy. Completely facelifted on the outside, the castle of unique beauty now also houses on the upper floor the memorial room of Count Ferenc Nádasdy which has been opened just now.