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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • A Primary House

    In the Bükk of Kolozsvár

    Architects: László György Tulogdy, Gábor Tóthfalusi
    Text: Gábor Erhardt
    Photos: Andrei Neamtu

    The location is found in the south of Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca): it is a small corner lot in the Bükk forest. Once a favourite destination of locals going for an excursion, it is a place where there had been nothing else but a few weekend houses, a camping site and the green forest itself. However, it has been developed rapidly by now to grow into a green-belt (residential) zone of Kolozsvár. The designers – a young married couple, one of them formerly an itinerant student – wish to find commissions by going their own way and relying upon the trust they enjoy as well as on the quality of the buildings they have designed instead of the delusive mock-reality of tendering. When designing (and analyzing) a primary house there is no room for being talkative and exuberant. This is finely illustrated by the horizontal design which is all about pragmatism and almost normally and naturally (but not deliberately) evokes the ancient three-foldedness.

    Architects: László György Tulogdy, Gábor Tóthfalusi – SC Tektum Arhitectură & Artă Srl
    Structure: Dorottya Makay – SC Irodm SRL
    Installations: Marian Aurelina, Paul Biris – SC Gradinstal SRL