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  • Forgotten Oeuvres

    Adriana Priatková, Peter Pásztor: Lajos Oelschläger-Őry, Košice 2012

    Text: András Hadik
    Photos: Alexander Jiroušek, Adriana Priatková, Peter Pasztor

    Published in three languages (Slovak, Hungarian, English), this representative and richly illustrated volume, published thanks to the sponsoring Košice ECC 2013, comprises the biography and career of Őry as written by the authors as well as an analysis and the architectural history of the houses designed by him. The volume is accompanied by an exhibition that has been hosted by the towns of Košice and Miskolc, but shall be seen in Kárpátalja as well. Budapest should also offer to host it.

    Lilly Dubowitz: In Search of a Forgotten Architect: Stefan Sebők 1901-1942, AA, London, 2012

    Text: Rudolf Klein

    Hungarian-born István Sebők, who was a fellow artist of Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy, Alekszander Vesznin and El Liszickij seems to have stayed in the background all through his career whilst helping stars to realize their concepts. After reading this volume, however, we are convinced that without him works by Moholy and Gropius would not have been like what we came to know them. We know about Gropius that he had a spasm in his wrinkle when his fingers touched a pencil, and that the ever so genious Moholy could not find his way in the maze of engineering without his help either.