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  • The First Step

    Officinum Office Block, Budapest, Pasarét

    Architects: Vikár András, Lukács István

    Text: Okrutay Miklós

    Photos: Bujnovszky Tamás

    Fotó:Bujnovszky Tamás

    The revitalization of areas once used for military purposes involves special challenges within the chapter of architectural recycling. The loss of function, the abandonment offers the freedom of brown field industrial areas for investors, but the typical spatial system of the buildings or the

    embedding of the areas into the fabric of the city pop questions to be answered. Whilst there are successful developments outside the capital associated with the preservation of values – such as Debrecen and Győr –, Budapest evokes typically painful images of destruction.

    In comparison the area of the former Bocskai cadet school opened in 1897 is meant to have a future with the opportunities of exemplary investments. The preparation and its communication seem to be a thorough one. The spectre of the function groups defined by the central role of the district of the city ranges from offices to retails-services and sports facilities, deliberately renouncing from the enforcement of residential functions. And all this embedded into a carefully arranged park open widely for the public – the designs are actually fascinating.

    Építészet / general design: Vikár és Lukács Építészstúdió Kft.

    Építészek / architects: Vikár András, Lukács István, Gál Árpád, Bencsik Tamás

    Épületszerkezetek / structure: Higi Balázs – H-Design Kft

    Gépészet / technical installations: Bukovics János, Görgeyné Bihary Erzsébet, Terék Tamás – G&B Plan Kft.

    Elektromos tervezés /electrical engineering: Bogár Péterné, Gálos Zsolt – Tertak Kft.

    Statika / statics: Hegedűs Péter – Hegedűs és Mizere Statikus Iroda Kft

    Környezetvédelem / environment: Józsa Gusztáv – Józsa és Társai 2000 Kft.

    Kerttervezés / garden design: Szloszjár György, Massány Edina – Garten Stúdió Kft.

    Koyhatechnológia / kitchen technology: Gauland András – Teco-Gastro Bt.

    Tűzvédelem / fire protection: Dr. Gombik Károly – Bosec Bt.

    Közlekedés, úttervezés / traffic, roads: Macsinka Klára

    Lebonyolító / manager: CÉH Tervező, Beruházó és Fejlesztő Zrt.

    Kivitelezés / main contractor: Market Építő Zrt.