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    Preserving and Creating Architectural Value in the Swiss Alps

    Architects: Dieter Jüngling, Andreas Hagmann
    Text: Ágnes Tasnádi

    Nowadays it is a sort of commonplace to refer to Switzerland as a great power in architecture even outside the world of professionals in the narrow sense. Many architects and designers of international fame, excellent schools of architecture, the relative abundance of money and fastidiousness (that of design, execution and clients) probably owing to the beauties of its natural environment account for the prestige and rank of contemporary Swiss architecture. And even if they are rarely mentioned as the key to success, the enviable multitude of undoubtedly high-standard Swiss periodicals and publications also contributes to the architectural standards of the Alpine country. Striving for perfection and refinement are also key terms in the oeuvre of a tandem of architects, that of Dieter Jüngling and Andreas Hagmann. They search for a genius loci, the atmosphere of the location wih exceptional sensitivity apropos of each task they undertake so that their virtuosic expertise would never be a purpose in itself and the building they design – whether it is a residential building, a school or even a shooting range – would harmoniously nestle into its environment, whilst also representing unique values of its own.