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  • Private Architectural Galleries in Budapest

    Text: Fanni Gárdos

    Kévés Galéria

    Kévés Stúdió Gallery

    Apparently, there is hardly any need for venues for permanent architectural exhibitions in Hungary nowadays, compared to what we experience either in western or eastern countries. The Architectural Museum only exists virtually, and if we survey architectural galleries active nonstop at least in Budapest – even till recently – we only have a total of three to mention: the Kévés Stúdió Gallery, HAP Gallery and N&n Gallery (the latter was closed down in 2011). The subject of this article is these three exhibition venues, the mission of which is similar despite their different character: they wish to bring architectural culture closer to people. All in all, these privately owned nonprofit galleries organize a multitude of excellent exhibitions attracting wide audiences that they financed from the income of their architects’ teams. The primary intention was to pass on values above everything else.