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  • Building Facades Analysis

    From the Aspects of Environmental Psychology

    Text: Anna Losonczi, Klára Sarbak, Andrea Dúll
    Photos: Klára Sarbak


    Architectural design and decisions may draw inspiration from new aspects by analyzing human beings: how we sense, perceive, experience and live by our environment. What do we know about the sensation of natural and man-made spaces and what can we contribute to it with as architect-designers? In our research work we interpreted knowledge tapped from the fields of psychology with regard to artificial environment. The article below examines the consequences of the necessity, presence and lack of the structural articulation of the environment by referring to examples of building facades.
    The majority of information we get about buildings surrounding us originates from the views of building facades. A facade tells us almost everything about a house and not only on the level of primary perception and in certain cases inspires us to phrase questions to which we only find the answers by a thorough discovery of the house. The facade does not only speak of the function and age of the house but also about the location, the designer and the intentions involved in design work.