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  • Expo Milan 2015 Hungarian Pavilion

    Expo Milan 2015 Hungarian Pavilion
    Result of the Spectacle Concept Contest, January 2014

    Mill – First-Prize Project by Tamás Getto and Ákos Hutter


    Beyond interpreting the ancient symbol – mill, wheat, bread –, the Hungarian Pavilion also suits its modern readings perceptible in people’s everyday life. The mill simultaneously symbolizes the „Blue Economy”, the goal of which is is the practical implementation of scientific concepts and innovations inspired by nature. The house is actually a functioning mill the focus of which is not milling, but the tactile experience-like presentation of renewing energy driving circulation. The main structural units of the building are timber frame stands, the roofing of the pavilion which doubles as a reservoir of rainwater and the basin containing recycled water, as well as the updrive water-wheel. Inside the pavilion-hall, as an independent structure – following the principle of „a house within a house” – there is a box which can be closed as a separate functional unit. This simple construction is capable of conveying the system of symbols suiting the objectives described in the contest criteria, as well as of producing flexibly and economically usable spaces which satisfy the functional expectations concerning the building. Last but not least, the simple structural design guarantees economic and quick execution, whilst also contributing to the reconstruction of the building in Hungary.

    1st Prize: MALOM – Mill, concept: Tamás Getto, dr. Ákos Hutter
    2nd Prize: ALAKOR, concept: Sándor Sárkány, Attila Ertsey
    3rd Prize: FAFŰ, concept: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó, Mariann Nagy, Klára Molt,
    and CANTATA PROFANA , concept: Katalin Alkér, András Márk Bartha, István Gyulovics, Zsófia Kovács .
    Special mension: KUTAK HÁZA , concept: Katalin Nagyné Iván, László Páger, Gergely Mindák, Antal Bodóczky