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  • Family Home, Perbál

    Family House of the Year 2010

    Architect and text: László Benczúr ifj.
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Experimenting with more uncertain forms at the beginning of its evolution, Modernist architecture has proven to be more humane than the extremely self-certain and strict later period not tolerating ambiguities. The roof design does not reflect whether it was meant to be a gabled or hipped roof. Walls defining the building are not perpendicular to each other, thus the crest and the eaves are not horizontal either. All this contributes to the unclassifiable scale of the building. The large glass partition of the living room on the ground floor dents into the body of the structure making the wall above it appear as if floating uncertainly. Structures are also present in the interior. The steel main girders of the wooden ceiling meet in an angle. The design of subgirders is even more dynamic. The horizontal plan reveals that it is not an autotelic formal solution but a direct consequence of the organization and structuring of the building. This family home was awarded a special prize in 2010 selected as House of the Year.

    Architect: László Benczúr ifj.
    Fellow architect: Attila Batári