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    Hungarian Pavilion at Leipzig Book Fair

    Architects: sporaarchitects
    Text: Péter Mátrai
    Photos: Balázs Danyi


    The Hungarian Pavilion at the International Book Fair in Leipzig focussed on a current topic of Hungarian literature, much in the same way it previously has: namely, the success of György Dragomán’s novel in Germany titled Máglya (Stake). The design by sporaarchitects is actually a blend of furniture and architecture: named furnitecture, which may be defined as a multifunctional design made up of minimalist architectural components that naturally adjust to the features, faculties, scale and situation of any location or space with various aspects and regarding both aesthetics and construction). It is not unprecedented in the oeuvre of the same office of architects. Their design for the pavilion in Leipzig is a genuine bravado: they had a disadvantageous corner site defined by two right-angle screen partition wall, which they covered in carpet and fitted with a roughly horse-shoe-shaped shelf-aisle floating on it. It both attracts and keeps visitors there like a magnet (referred to by the shape of the shelf system) creating an intimate communication situation in the sea of the bustling fair. It is a genuine meeting point indeed. Made by using very simple means and only one material (18mm layered birchwood), the doubling shelf/counter composition is organised by components placed on each other and excellently meets the requirements of the projected multifunctional objectives. Surfaces of A reception, a store room and a showroom are completed with seating and loading areas to accommodate the official programmes and visitors. The vertical organisation of the three-level shelf system is highly ergonomical, and its configuration reflects a refined sense of proportions.

    Designers: Ádám Hatvani, Tibor Dékány, Bence Pásztor, Dávid Tarcali, Attila Korompay, Ambrus Evva, Dia Harcsa, Nándor Pavlicsek