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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • From a Farmyard to an Art Center

    Terra Pannonica, Mokrin, Serbia

    Text: Dubravka Đukanović
    Architect: AUTORI
    Translate: Rudolf Klein

    Photo: Mina Piščević

    The architects of the team named Studio AUTORI are prominent representatives of the new generation in Serbia. Their award-winning design was realized in Mokrin (Vajdaság region) a village once significant in the Bánság area originally referred to as Homokrév inhabited by Serbians, Germans and Hungarians. This project of architects gained reputation immediately among professionals. Preserving the atmosphere of the rural farm they designed the culture house, a centre of a would-be artists’ colony which would also host local works to be exhibited here. Forms and spaces enter a dialogue with the architectural context of the surrounding plain whilst by using modern materials and a contemporary architectural language they are a welcome addition to the palette of the run-down greater village. Of the five buildings designed to be built here two had been completed by the end of 2012.