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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Gourmet Street Food pavilion

    [AC-CA]™ Architectural Competition – 1st Prize

    Design: Huba Ferenczi, Dániel Silló, Ivett Redenczki, Dániel Pataki


    The Hungarian design team of four architects working in Budapest and Berlin won the first prize of the [AC-CA]™ Berlin Gourmet Street Food architectural competition. The aim was to create a food stand that is universal in its function and in its organization. Various types of gourmet and regular street food can be prepared and an endless possibility of arrangement can be organized relating to each specific location. The suggested location, the public square of the Berliner Fernsehturm, is visually defined by the shapes of the tower’s legs. Any structure placed on this square would be impacted and diminished by the impression of the dominating monument. Alexanderplatz was chosen as primary location of our design, since it hosts several markets and festivals all year around. A major aspect was to make a compact and simple structure that can open up and stay unified. Yet stable, still the changing angles create a sense of motion, giving a lively expression. The closed food stand has a compact form that makes it easily transportable. Solar panels are situated on the roof areas to support energy consumption for lighting at nighttime and for heating cleaned rainwater, that is collected in tanks.