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  • Gentle Intervention

    Lake Cabin, Czech Republic

    Architects: Pavel Nasadil, Jan Horky – FAM Architekti / Feilden+Mawson
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Tomas Balej


    The replacement of an old cabin on a lake shore in Norther Bohemia respects the unique natural character of the site and follows the cabin’s original outline. The brief of the project was to provide an all year round retreat for the clients’ yachting passion, with minimum typology and maximum visual connections to the lake and the surrounding pine forest. The single pitch is a result of internal spatial planning as well as the relationship to the lake – shore axis represented by the mooring pier as a principle access point. The main focus of the space is on the vast views of the lake and on the relationship of the cabin with its natural surroundings.

    Project architect: Pavel Nasadil – FAM Architekti / Feilden+Mawson
    Architects: Jan Horky, Pacvel Nasadil
    Structure: Vittore, s.r.o.
    Fellow architect: Ondrej Freudl
    Lighting consultant: Profilighting, s.r.o.
    Main contractor: Vittore, s.r.o.