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    ELMŰ Yachting Club, Alsóörs, Living Quarters

    Architect: Botond Dobos
    Text: Anna Szövényi
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Although the new yachting club of ELMŰ is a small-scale building with simple functions, its designer saw maximal potentials in it. He could envision an object floating above the earth and sails evoking white cut-back surfaces, and his imagination fills up the sparing investment with beauty and refined reason. The airy character of the lower level associates the house with the feeling of infinite freedom and timelessness experienced at Lake Balaton. As a result the structure functions as a uniquely beautiful transition between open and closed spaces, the spheres of daytime and night life. The roofed terrace and the transparent banqueting hall with an openable surface offers the facilities to play table-tennis or cards in rainy weather or to rest in the shade when the sun shines. Evoking the atmosphere of a yacht, the cut-back white surfaces of the „screen” on the facade land with ease at just one place like a mast on the eastern side of the building. On the ground-floor there are only recessed thin blade pillars. The massive block parts (offices, washrooms, changing rooms) have wooden wainscot so as to lose their supporting function in the eye of an outsider observer. Resembling a sail object, the upper storey is an addition to the ground-floor.

    Architect: Dobos Botond – INTRAMUROS Építész Kft.
    Fellow architect: Borszuk Gábor
    Static: Gerlefalvi-Nagy Zoltán
    Plumbing & Hvac: Pásztor Viktor
    Electrical Planning: Debreczeni Bárány Attila
    Garden: Almási Balázs, Tánczos Szilvia, Varga Rita