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  • Harmony and respect

    Todd Saunders: Architecutre in Northern Landscape, Birkhäuser, Basel

    Tower Studio, Fogo Island, Újfundland, Kanada

    “The architecture of Todd Saunders relates explicitly to landscape, from Norway’s dense forests and steep-sided fjords to the boulder-strewn coastline of Newfoundland. … Todd Saunders associated architecture wuth the art of creating place. His studio explores hte role that form and texture play in the perception of space, as well as how materials and shape can act as triggers for memory and as generators for harmony and interaction. His architecture is about how space relates to place, working within existing natural as well as manmade contexts.
    Sunders now has more than 10 years of professional experience. His initial focus on residential design has expanded to include a number of larger commissions that brings the discovery and warmth of the domestic realm into commercial and cultural buildings. His architecture retains a modesty of scale as well as a carefully measured ambition, atypical in media age that prizes image above else. The work of Saunders Architecture is infused with the spirit of place and a respect for craft traditions and vernacular forms, while remaining unashamedly modern and authentic, avoiding all pastiche and imitation. The uncompromising synthesis of modernism with landscape gives his architecture a romantic yet powerful identity, influenced and inspired by nature, craft, locality, and pragmatism.”

    Excerpt from the Introduction: Ellie Stathaki and Johnathan Bell