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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • A House Beyond the Vineyard

    Holiday Home in Szigliget

    Architects: Tamás Bulcsu, Éva Fortvingler, Balázs Móser
    Text: Vilmos Katona
    Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The rough-cool world of the house ends in a genuine concrete roofing. The interior is airy and light, which is a consequent follow-up continuation of the approach to space the tandem of designers presented in their award-winning arcaded house on plinth in Balatonakarattya: with a frame of many components, the structure is material-wise heterogeneous, and is interpreted as a single shell, whilst the interior is made up of delicately articulated segments. The simple spatial organization and monolithic mass formation, the industrial materials used and the matte texture do not presume local manufacture, but the ghost image and formal impression of viticulture, the presshouses with backbones running against the hill are still visible. Free from walls dividing it, the interior space is orientated to face the valley and the basalt organs of Badacsony. The initial gesture of enthusiasm was to draw an open facade here, but the local government resisted and thus the weight of the task increased. To meet requirements and regulations, a gable had to be designed to present the archetypal outlines the surrounding presshouses and vine cellars, which is only pierced through by two or three windows. A loggia nestles into the tract calculated with the playful overture of the house, and there are hidden eave gutters and wide windowpanes in the wall beneath the recessed eaves. The horizontal plan still preserves the old-time threefold house design: it is present in the trio of the living-room and the sunlit porch joining the kitchen in an integral way.

    Architecture: Bulcsu Tamás, Fortvingler Éva, Móser Balázs – munkacsoport.net
    Interior design: munkacsoport.net, Barna Orsi – MYD II.
    Project management: Garas Zsolt – A-ponton Kft.
    Structure: Medek Ákos
    Technical installations: if. Csapliczky László
    Electrical engineering: Nagy Attila