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    Stork-House, Raiding / Doborján

    Architect: Terounobu Fujimori
    Project: Roland Hagenberg
    Text: György Szegő
    Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Situated near Sopron, Raiding prides itself on being the birthplace of Ferenc Liszt. A few years ago a modern concert hall was built next to the museum housed in the building where the composer was born after plans by a team of Dutch architects. However, the summer music festival in itself will not stop the decrease of the population of the village where a total of 850 people live now. If the abandoned houses are pulled down, it will be an end to the village-scape and with it local identity. Thanks to the Liszt institutions the centre of the settlement could be strong enough. However, in Raiding the periphery is not demolished either: a team of prestigious Japanese architects are building here. Designed by Fujimori, the first one, the „stork-house” shall be finished before winter sets in. The architect selected eight oak trees for the first house, and used wood extensively, for the floor, the door, panelling, shingles and even kitchen utensils. Without producing any waste.
    The function allows for creative activities, but it is also suited to be used as a hostel: when making reservations one should consider the prices of higher-standard accommodations. Writers, musicians, artists and tourists may as well put up here. The exterior resembles that of the outbuildings of the neighbouring house, whilst the interior is avantgarde in the rustic sense.

    Architect: Terounobu Fujimori
    Project: Roland Hagenberg
    Furniture, kitchen: Dominik Petz – Baukunst
    Textile works: Angelica Steudel –AS Works
    Plates, cups: Setsuko Nagasawa