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  • How to Educate Well?

    The Extension of the American School, Nagykovácsi

    Architects: Ferenc Annus, Marina Annus
    Text: Anna Szövényi
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The American educational system as such is based on the project of „building up” a person with little lexical knowledge but with the capability to know where knowledge is available, how to think and focus on correlations, articulate opinions, respect differences whilst seeing them as a whole, being able to work in teams whilst also holding on as an individual. I guess this system of ideas and the designer must have co-operated in constructing a building of this kind, as the design faithfully reflects the understanding and unfolding of this type of education. Is this kind of education an appropriate one? And how are we to educate well? We do not know, but it surely is food for thought. The American system may have components which we could profit from here in Hungary, precisely from those which have eternal relevance and thus can be passed on into a building.

    Client: AISB Alapítvány
    Main contractor: Vegyépszer Kft. 
    Design : A+A Stúdió Kft.
    Építészek / architects: Annus Ferenc, Annus Marina vezető tervezők, Nagy Mihály, Varga Imre tervezők
    Structure: Andor Eszter, Aninger Judit, Bacsek Zoltán
    Plumbing: Szabó István, Varga Balázs
    Electrical engineering : Taraj Márton
    Environment: Torma Sarolta
    Roads: Havasi Zoltán
    Public utilities: Kádár László
    Kitchen technology: Straub Ágnes
    Acoustics: Arató Éva, Alabárdos Zsuzsanna