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  • Property Development for Sustainability

    A Conference of Property Development, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2011

    Text: György Alföldi
    Design: Péter Deák-Varga, Gergely Véglesi – BME Department of Urban Studies, Budapest

    In the early 21st century our cities must face serious challenges. One of the most important issues is the unification of the economic processes in the world and their simultaneous basic reconfiguration. Parallel with the need to strengthen economic positions, there is another ambition for the future: that of sustainability. These changes deeply and directly influence the development of cities and the immediate residential environment. A forum organized at the Budapest Technical University focussed on the analysis of the relationship between sustainability, urban development and property development with the participation of five expert professionals specialized in urvban development and property development and 70 university students. They soon developed a common language: that is their mutual commitment to the future.