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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • After the Red Sludge Flood

    Reconstruction works in Kolontár and Devecser

    Archtects: Attila Turi, László Zsigmond
    Szöveg: Ágnes Bechtold
    Fotók: Tamás Bujnovszky

    In the autumn of 2010 nobody may have thought that life would return once again to Kolontár and Devecser after the red sludge disaster. However, after nine months – which is an unbelievably short time – it seems so. Dwellers could move into the 21 rebuilt houses in Kolontár in June and into 87 new ones in Devecser at the end of July. Taking on the task of designing architectural reconstruction, Károly Kós Association may as well bear the title „an expert of catastrophes”. Reconstruction in Felsőzsolca in Borsod county struck by flood had not yet been completed when in October 2010 the red sludge attacking the surrounding settlements from the reserve in Ajka had set another challenge for the country. After the destruction whole districts of Kolontár and Devecser had to be annihilated. The National Committee of Emergency immediately turned to Károly Kós Association asking them to participate in reconstruction. The efficiency of the Association is a result of the fact that it has a large number of architect members accepting the same basic principle who are thus easy and quick to be contacted and activated.