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  • Opening a Gate

    Ludovika Campus Boarding School, Budapest

    Architects: József Finta, Tamás János Szabó
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


    Embracing Orczy Gardens, the complex contains all the institutions of the National University of Public Service launched in the beginning of 2012. First of all the restoration of the main building of Ludovika was completed in the spring of 2014 followed by the boarding school of the university in autumn, 2015. Other components of the project – the boarding school of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration, the building to house special trainings, the old riding-school and the sports facilities in the park were soon to come after the completion of the other units.
    Designed by Finta Stúdió, the boarding school accentuates the gate function of the building by opening the complex towards the city. The broken-line arch of the H shape has two stems widening in the direction of the square to shape a spacious entrance zone. From here a bottleneck path leads students on to the entrance of the building itself. From this view, the building shows its sweeping arch framed with white to the city the horizontal facade of which is nicely counteracted by vertical dividing ribs accentuated by colours. The arch of cornices stretching below the rows of windows feature softer contours that relieve the rigour of the angular broken line whilst also connecting the individual wings and shading the living rooms to some extent. The solid facades of the two wings broken up by bands of windows reach in front and are counterbalanced by the elegant glass expanse of the central component connecting them. The main ambition of the concept was to house genuine communities instead of separate living rooms which are naturally joined by the area suited for joint free-time activities. The five residential storeys thus contain a total of twenty such units within spaces featuring identical architectural designs. Bathed in sunlight, the spacious communal areas alternate with more intimate living rooms following a strict but transparent and well-usable order defining the interiors.

    General architecture: Finta és Társai Építész Stúdió
    Leading architects: Dr. József Finta, Tamás János Szabó DLA
    Fellow architect: Gábor Péter DLA
    Interior design: Zoltán Kulcsár, Petra Tóth
    Coordinating architect: Gábor Mezei
    Colleagues: András Koncsol, Mariann Erősné Honti, Gyöngyi Kalmár, Anikó Z. Havas, Éva Varga
    Frames: Balázs Takács – Raszter
    Structure: János Volkai – TM Janeda Kft.
    HVAC: András Domina – Kőrös Consult Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Kelemen – Kelevill Kft.
    Landscape: György Szloszjár – Garten Stúdió Kft.
    Contractors: W-É-P konzorcium: West Hungária Bau Kft., Épkar Zrt., PBE Kft.
    Client: Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem