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  • Contours to Szabadság Square

    Office Block, Budapest, No. 14 Szabadság Square

    Architect: Károly Pólus
    Text: Szilvia Andrea Holló
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Dungyerszky family, lwell-to-do andowners from the southern part of historical Hungary, had their elegant teneemnt house built on the lot wedged between Honvéd and Aulich Streets in 1900 after designs by Artúr Meinig, the favourite architect of the upper crust. Although the building is not a protected monument, designers carefully preserved its surviving architectural values whilst reconstructing it with the priority to economically utilize the attic and creating an integral interior system of communication. The new owner (LSGI Hungary Ltd.) has transformed it into an office block meeting contemporary standards, but still preserving the elegance of the structure originally built with four storeys. Viewed from the outside, the former tenement house is now restored to its old glory and beauty. The cleansed facade is enlivened, the wounds in the limestone facework caused by the war have been professionally covered up, the tinwork spectacularly renewed the cornices, the breastwork and the cupola. The vase ornaments of the stone parapet have been restored just like the animal-headed stone carvings referring to the profession of the smallholder clients.

    Client: Freedom Palace Kft.
    Management: László Büki, Szabolcs Kőmíves – Platinium Group Kft.
    Leading architect: Csaba Nagy – Archikon Kft.
    Architects: Károly Pólus, Balázs Horváth, Bernadett Bagó, Gábor Nyéki, András Debreczeni, Krisztina T. Major, Botond Benedek, Kata Niszler, Eszter Mészáros – Archikon Kft.
    Structure: Attila Farsang – FRT Raszter Kft.
    Frame structure: Tibor Pintér – Éki Terv Mérnökiroda Kft.
    Installation: Tamás Farkas – Reliplan Bt.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Németi – Penter Bt.
    Monument expert: Attila Déry– Plinthosz Bt.

    Boutique Hotel, Budapest, Szabadság Square

    Archiects: Péter Reimholz†, Péter Nagy
    Text: Szilvia Andrea Holló
    Photos: József Hajdú

    The new Main Street of Belváros (the Inner City) has its first section joining Szabadság Square at an interactive fountain. Visitors are welcome here by also one of the oldest protected historic building of the area – or more precisely its recomposed block – on the left, on the corner of Október 6. Street. With a past of more than two centuries, this house was originally built as a single-storey one in the revivalist Classical style and has been remodelled several times since then to such an extent that it is almost unidentifiable. However, a Spanish building contractor company dreamt a five-star boutique hotel here amongst the old walls. well visible from the square, the attic extension – that is the two storeys licensed by the National Office for the Protection of Historic Monuments has not convinced the wide public so far. It is appreciable that due to financial reasons no gabled roof was built here, as it would have reduced the number of rooms even more. Although the new storeys are enveloped in high-quality surface treated copper, its darkbrown tone is overpowering compared to the light tones of the palettes of the facade, the facelifted public domains and the neighbouring houses. On closer inspection, however, the hotel appears cheerful and tranquil, as the restaurant has a separate entrance from the street and the windows with parapets were replaced by doors. This design enriches the recently landscaped Szabadság Square with a lively spot in summer when the terrace is opened.

    Leading architect: Péter Reimholz†
    Architect: Péter Nagy
    Fellow architects: Zsolt Eke, Péter Nagy, Tamás Németh, Nándor Szabó P.
    Interior design: Péter Reimholz
    Graphic design: Júlia Reimholz
    Structure: János Volkai – TM Janeda Kft.
    Installation: Sándor Sárvári – Nusselt Bt.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Rajkai – Hungaroprojekt Kft.
    Public utilities: György Hrustinszky – Drain Bt.
    Architecture: W6 Stúdió Kft.
    Client: General Estates Hungary Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.
    Main contractor: ReneszánszZrt.