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    ZAMEK Culture Centre, Genius Loci Archeological Centre, Poznań


    Architect: Tomasz Wojtkowiak – TOYA DESIGN
    Text: Edit Pálinkás
    Photos: Maciej Augustyniak, Juliusz Jarosz, Anna Sędecka

    In 2012 two large-scale projects were realised after designs by Toya Design architects in Poznań. Both deal with the protection and salvation of architectural heritages as well as with their adaptation to meet functional demands and the expectations of recipients. Whilst remodelling ZAMEK Culture Centre the Revivalist Romanesque-style building was used as a framework to refer to when working on the designs of the new central space for the multi-functional building whereas in the case of Genius Loci Archeological Centre the exposed remains were built around and completed to realise the structure of the museum.

    ZAMEK Culture Centre

    Architects: Tomasz Wojtkowiak – Toya Design
    Design: Tomasz Wojtkowiak, Justyna Kielczewska-Stawicka, Anna Sędecka
    Fellow designers: Jacek Wojciech, Tomasz Migdałek, Jarosław Wyszyński, Magda Dzioba,
    Alicja Ryczkowska – Kaczmarek

    Interior design: Tomasz Wojtkowiak – Toya Design

    Genius Loci Archeological Centre

    Architect: Tomasz Wojtkowiak – Toya Design
    Design: Jarosław Wyszyński, Anna Sędecka, Ewa Ćwiklińska, Tomasz Migdałek, Tomasz Wojtkowiak
    Structure: Janusz Makowski