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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Contemporary European Urbanism

    Melinda Benkő–Mariann Fonyódi: Glocal City

    Text: György Szegő

    The paronomasia of the title also expresses the urbanistic orientation of the volume. Its authors are lecturers with the Urbanistic Department of BME (Budapest Technical University) – they are professionals who do not separate the terrains of urbanists from those of architects. This is also the key to both the selection and the interpretation of the 74 contemporary urbanistic complexes they toured now. And from the very same interdisciplinary approach concludes the fact that the analysis here is attractive for civic designers, every architect (student) as well as non-professional readers responsive to architecture. The authors themselves drew the general plan of the sites, and also made the photographs illustrating the volume. Drawing and making photos might be the process of cognition based on which they created their simplified typology in which complexes of contemporary architecture are grouped with a practical approach according to pragmatic aspects easy to interpret for architects.