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    Naphegy Oxygen Wellness Centre, Budapest

    Architects: László Szerdahelyi, Zoltán Szász
    Text: Anna Szövényi
    Photos: József Hajdú

    Housing Oxygen Wellness Centre, there is a new structure alongside with the recently facelifted Rácz baths. This area of Tabán has been redeveloped this way but without the „Grinzing-like”atmosphere of the past: instead it is home to a large number of services for new social layers with higher salaries. Businessmen are the target group of the VIP section of Rácz baths and the high-standard facilities of Oxygen – and this aim is matched with an appropriate architecture. The building is located on the hill below the sports fields in Czakó Street, on a lot possessed by the local government and thus remains in its possession: the maintainer only rents it in exchange for construction. The local authority uses a representative music hall and the changing rooms belonging to the sports fields with a separate entrance. From the latter the swimming pool is also accessible so that schools in the district can have their swimming courses here.

    General design: Aspectus Architect Zrt.
    Architects: László Szerdahelyi, Zoltán Szász
    Fellow architects: Krisztián Tóth, József Pesti, Tibor Gáspár, György Ilku, Brigitta Pauler, Norbert Gulácsi, Zoltán Petromán (Platinum GL. Kft.), Eszter Franta (Platinum GL. Kft.)
    Interior design: Csaba Szilágyi, Balázs Szilágyi – Terem Építész Stúdió Kft.
    Structure: Balázs Puskás, Botond Madaras – Terraplan 97 Kft.
    Installation: Zsolt Almási, László Nagy – Platinum GL. Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Kelemen, Enikő Tóth – Kelevill Kft.
    Pool technology: László Szebeni, Roland Szaniszló – Tempero Kft.
    Glasswork: András Reith, András Hornung – Mérték Kft.
    Gardening: György Sloszjár, Borbála Salgó – Garten Stúdió Kft.
    Main contractor: Market Zrt.
    Client: Oxygen Wellness Kft.