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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Transport Theme Park

    The Rehab Project of the Railway History Park its Wider Environs, Rákosrendező
    MÉK-MÉSZ Diploma Award 2013

    Design: Dóra Csizmadia
    Consultants: Dr. Péter István Balogh, Dóra Hutter

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    One of the most extensive rust zones of Budapest, Rákosrendező depot railway station covers almost 100 hectares. This diploma design treats the revitalisation project of its communication routes in a generous way. Worked out as a concept of open-space architecture, it focussed on a 50 hectare part of the former railway zone bordered by a stream (Rákos-patak) from the south, which is actually the site of the former Northern Engine-House. Its communication route with the Zoo, as the next-door neighbour of the MúzeumLiget (MuseumGrove, has the potentials of becoming a valuable area of municipal development on the agenda.