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  • Land Art Workshop

    Sopron, AMI, 22-24. 04. 2010.

    This spring the creative days organized by the workshop group within Sopron-based AMI focussed on issues of land art. The majority of participants were students with AMI, but they also arrived from Budapest Technical University, the Hungarian University of Art and MOME. The first two days of the three-day programme were those of lectures, whilst on the third day work was done in the forest. Lectures focussed on the common issues of land art and other branches of arts with lecturers representing a variety of special fields, such as architecture, sculpture, painting, landscape design and ecology. The venue of working together was by an educational path in the forest. In accordance with the joint conception works of land art were exhibited along an alternative path, that of land-art, which functions partly as a show, and partly as an intellectual path leading trippers to other paths of art manifested in the landscape.

    Bálint Botzheim