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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Lego in the Grove of Almond-Trees

    The Metamorphosis of a Manor

    Architect: László Vincze

    Text: Gábor Kerner

    Photos: József Hajdú

    There used to be manors in every significant village of the Káli Basin thus each of them had one or more economic unit of its own. These complexes were typically built on the outskirts of the villages although some of them were moved to a neighbourhood of residential buildings. László Vincze architect was fascinated by the beauties of the landscape and this meant the beginning of yet another tale. Because from the moment of its rebirth the transformed and realized entity has nothing to do with the old story, that is the manor and the past. This is brand new content, a new way of spatial formation, new art form producing a residential house with a totally different architecture. In a traditional environment and in villages grown into the landscape this example in Káli Basin exerts beneficial influence on the familiar and exhausted countryside with its simplicity and playfulness manifested in proportions, surfaces and colours. It teaches us the beauty of pigfarms and new opportunities, a new type of heritage protection. László Vincze composed an exemplary and respectable miracle from components much like a set of lego.

    Architect: László Vincze

    Fellow architect: Péter Páczelt

    Interior design: Éva Zavadzky, László Vincze

    Structural Engineering: Antal Ther

    Mecanical Engineering: József Kiss, Zoltán Sor – PhQ