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  • Alternative Architectures

    The New Generation of the Workshop in Miskolc

    Architects: Katalin Molnár, Balázs Juhász-Nagy, Péter Dobos, Eszter Szélné Mercz, Norbert Szél, Zoltán Bereczki, Krisztina Bálint, Dániel Oláh, Boglárka Balogh
    Text: András Bán
    Photos: Károly Zsolt Nagy

    Zoltán Bereczky: Family house, Miskolc-Népkert, fotó: Nagy Károly Zsolt

    Bereczky Zoltán: Családi ház, Miskolc-Népkert, fotó: Nagy Károly Zsolt

    The designs made by nine young architects from Borsod are basically grouped around two characteristic nodes. One of them being a potential middle-class development with prototypes chosen according to proportions, scales and functions instead of actual samples and historic forms – of course relying upon contemporary technology, structures, technologies of heating and insulation. The other node features an alternative architecture, the humanization of technical up-to-dateness and generosity even in minor dimensions. We have chosen some of the few realized buildings designed by the mid-30s generation hoping for an overall impression of the generational community, the aspirations bonding them and their gestures linking them with traditions.