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    or some ideas on appropriacy – DVD Facory in Törökbálint

    Architect: Attila Turi
    Text: Krisztián Dudics
    Photos: György Dénes

    Törökbálint and the industrial park named Depo within its confines is a typically inappropriate location: it is situated in the jungle of three motorways and the lanes connecting them where rush, not-being-present and even provisionality are basic and primary experiences. The DVD factory sits on a steep terrain compared to the neighbouring buildings and it makes the best use of this condition. Facing the hills, the production units on the lower floor are dug in the earth and have their views exclusively via a band window high up, whilst the functions of storage and transportation associated with the parking-manipulating space are found in the direction of the valley. On the first floor there are offices in a system of central corridors with assembled walls and suspended ceilings, fine solutions without any kind of trappings. The trusses are actually a roofing with ferro-concrete beams supported by prefab ferro-concrete pillars on the ground floor whilst the upper floor has a roofing with a steel lattice structure. The trusses are not exposed as visible space-shaping components: they are only the „wings” of the space. The „head” of the house is worth mentioning: it is an elegant two-storey foyer with fine proportions articulated by the walls of the staircase and a gallery resembling public buildings. In the gestures and materials used here the exterior design of the entire building is reflected.

    Architect: Turi Attila
    Fellow architects: B. Szabó Gábor, Dobrossi Tamás, Iklódy Viktor
    Structure: Deák László
    Client: Beaumont & Dumper Kft