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  • Liquid Labyrinth

    Liquid Labyrinth. Fabrizio Plessi
    Ludwig Museum, Budapest, January 31, 2014 – April 13, 2014


    Fabrizio Plessi is one of the most remarkable and most popular Italian contemporary artists, who is foremost known for his large size, spectacular video installations. In his artworks Fabrizio Plessi merges modern technology – moving image and sound – with the simplest materials like wood or stone, in a most natural way. He usually works with the four classical elements, occasionally using several of them at once. In the beginning of his career, at the age of 14, he moved to Venice from Emilia, and – understandably – became “obsessed” with water. Later on, fire (lava) was also given an important role in his art. His spectacular works, often of large dimensions, usually exercise a deep impact on the audience, and it is almost impossible to remain unaffected.

    This exhibition aims to present all important aspects of Plessi’s artistic world in order to give the Hungarian public a comprehensive view of his life and works on display in Hungary first time ever. A special feature of the exhibition is going to be an installation titled Liquid Labyrinth, that has never been exhibited anywhere else before. Another artwork Llaüt Light calls our attention to a current social problem: on Mallorca, which is the artist’s second home, old fishing boats were destroyed for reasons of environment protection. The conflict between sustainable development and tradition is actually present in all domains of human life. Plessi’s work facilitates collective thinking and discussion on issues of nature and society and helps to find adequate solutions.

    The exhibition is organized by the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest in collaboration with the Ludwig Museum, Koblenz.