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  • Maribor European Capital of Culture 2012

    Architectural Tenders

    Text: Götz Eszter
    Photos:  maribor2012.eu

    A Dráva-part újragondolása: F. Sabatini, F. Deli, A. D’Andria, A.C. Console, G. Oliva

    Europe in 2012 watches Maribor in Slovenia: this town has been selected as the European Cultural Capital along with the Portuguese Guimaraes. This was the first location in the area of the former Yugoslavia which has received this title and for this reason it is surrounded with great expectations. With 100,000 inhabitants the town sees the opportunity of its renewal in its associations with the river. Only three tenders have been published but several public buildings received a facelift. The Hungarian Tamás Lévai and his team were commissioned to design the Maribor Art Gallery.