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    The Revitalization of Apponyi Mansion, Medina

    Architects: Csaba Molnár, Árpád Vilics, Olivér Dániel Lantos, Orsolya Maza
    Text: András Hadik
    Photo: VLM Építésziroda, Zoltán Redl-Nagy

    Built in the 1840s, the residence of the Apponyi counts rates as a mansion because of its dimensions, whilst its orientation and stepped terrace with an imposing buttress makes it more like a castle. The auxiliary buildings once housed a stable, cart-shed and quarters for the staff. However, it is only one of the melléképület that has come down to us. Its highly characteristic facelifting today is a genuine bravado design. After its restoration the castle has a new function: it houses a hotel and an apartment separated for the investor. The ornate staircase leading to the remains of the park has been reconstructed just like the still existing interior wall decoration. During the revitalization of the building the reinforcement of the whole roofing, the inner partition walls and vaultings as well as the replacement of the faceworks were executed after a variety of extraordinary ideas. Each suite received a unique interior, dining hall, kitchen and bathroom of individual style suggesting almost tailor-made elegance. The eclectic treatment of the interiors with such a fine taste makes the overall impression a generous one.

    Design: VLM Építésziroda
    Architects: Molnár Csaba, Vilics Árpád, Lantos Olivér Dániel, Maza Orsolya
    Fellow architect: Lantos Istvánné
    Structure: Juhász Károly Péter, Bürger Nándor
    Technicval installations: Széth Ferenc
    Electrical engineering: Czékus György, Árki László
    Archaeology, history: Bartos György, Gere László
    Kitchen technology: Gauland András
    Kertépítészet / landscape: Preszter Márta
    Client: Dr. Halász Zsolt