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  • The Museum Design of Mestre

    M9 Project

    Text: Eszter Götz

    1st Prize, Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton

    Situated in the vicinity of Venice, Mestre has been preparing to create its new cultural centre since 2005 to establish new standards in the shade of the frequented tourist destination. Museo del Novecento, which is the museum of the 20th century, shall come into being within the framework of a large-scale rehabilitation project of the city. Now we are in the very last minute before execution right after the completion of the invitational tender. The idea of the new museum results from the cultural, social-economic and urbanistic changes taking place in Venice and its vicinity in the 20th century. Actually, the 20th century history of Venice and Mestre associated with it is defined by typical turns of fate of a characteristic European town – growing into a city, industrialization and the termination of its industries. Joining Venice from the mainland, Mestre has a more prosaic character. The management of the town has decided to shift its cultural emphasis slightly towards Mestre: by establishing a new centre on the site of the former military garrison and thus rehabilitating a dying district they are also boosting its intellectual life.