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    Opera House, Linz

    Architects: Terry Pawson Architects
    Text: Edit Pálinkás
    Photos: Landestheater, Linz

    Operaház, Linz

    Opened in April, 2013 the new Opera House of Linz in Upper Austria is not only outstanding and excellent in its urban context because of its function, but also of its orientation, location and architectural qualities. After dropping numerous ideas and venues, in 2004 the site next to Volksgarten was chosen for construction. The winner of the tender, Terry Pawson was comissioned to work out the designs, whilst construction plans were made by Austrian architects. By repositioning Blumauerstrasse, the building could be constructed as proposed by the designs to create direct link between the inner city and the Opera House. The main facade designed as a loggia embraces three storeys. The building houses a concert hall, as well as several minor stages, rehearsal rooms, studios and auxiliary rooms. Pawson extended the interior towards the park with the glass facade of the first-floor foyer just like the restaurant housed in the separate upper floor block which is accessible from the park independently of the Opera House via the staircase starting from beside the main entrance.

    Design: TPA Terry Pawson Architects
    Executive architects: ArchitekturConsult ZT GmbH / archinauten – dworschak + mühlbachler architekten zt gmbh
    Acoustics: Quiring Consultants Aldrans
    Structural engineering: Schimetta Consult ZT GmbH
    Stage engineering: Theater Projects Consultants /GCA Ingenieure AG
    Lighting: Kress & Adams
    Building equipment and physics, HVAC, electrical engineering: Wagner & Partner ZT GmbH
    Fire protection: IBS Linz
    Light and sound system: GCA Ingenieure AG Unterhaching
    Scene-dock system: Stagedream Wien
    Kitchen: Netzwerkgruppe Linz, Wögerer GmbH Steyr
    Landscape: Land in Sicht, Wien
    Geology: Oliver Montag, Leonding
    Main construction: Spirk & Partner ZT GmbH