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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Mongol National Archeological Museum

    International Architectural Design Contest 1st Prize

    Concept: Barna Kovács D., Krisztina Barna
    Fellow designers: Zsuzsa Lukács, Bulgan Altangerel, Ochir Tuvshinbayar


    At the beginning of 2014 a team of young architects won the first prize of the design contest of the new archeological museum of Mongolia. Meant to be a multi-functional complex, it is also to house permanent and temporary exhibition areas as well as rooms for research and education plus the offices to support them. Design work considered two important aspects: one being the unique traditions of architectural history in the country, and Siberian anticyclone causing extremely cold and windy winter season. Responding to all these local conditions was the elaboration of a scheme which regards the specifics of colour locale whilst meeting the challenges of weather. The objective was a transparent spatial system integrating „routes” interrupting the curved volume here and there to create sheltered communal areas and entrances within the complex. Archaic forms appear in harmony with the ideals of local architectural history without using unambiguous symbols.