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    Royal Park Hotel, Budapest

    Architect: Miklós Marosi
    Text: Péter Haba
    Photos: József Hajdú

    With its sophisticated design of a brick facade and a character resonating with eclectic-style rows of houses in a sensitive way, the new hotel building has already exerted enormous influence on the streetscape as such as well as on the atmosphere of its neighbourhood. Facelifted a couple of years ago, the lavish departure hall of the railway station appears at the end of the street with its facade restored to its original beauty, which is an outstanding work of Historicism in Pest functioning as an emphasis within the architectural context of the hotel. The building site is a narrow and smal one, leaving limited options for the architect because of the existing development formations: an L-shaped horizontal plan embracing a tiny courtile seemed to be the most advantageous design here. The layout and configuration of the ground-floor is a logical continuation of this type of development.
    In order to maximize the utilization of the tight spaces was another challenge testing the ingenuity of designers. According to designs the tiny courtile could actually house a café terrace, a humpy garden creeping up onto the partition-wall of the neighbouring houses as well as a cooling water basin (these have remained in blueprint so far), whilst the space of the guest rooms is widened by the glass partition of the baths also letting in natural light filtering through the window to reach the farthest nooks.

    Leading architect: Miklós Marosi – KÖZTI Zrt.
    Fellow architect: Gábor Simkó
    Interior designer: Gábor Schinagl
    Structure: Miklós Szakáts
    Installations: Tamás Lukács, István Szabó
    Electrical engineering: András Máramarosi, András Ritzl
    Landscape, garden: Gabriella Havassy
    Public utilities: Béláné Szalkai
    Kitchen technology: András Gauland – TECO-Gastro Kft
    Client: N.Y Kft
    Main contractor: Curtis and Curtis Kft