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  • Oszkó Vineyard, Old-and-New Cellars

    Civilian Real Estate Development by an Association

    architects: Zágorhidi és Társa Kft. Építészeti Iroda text: György Szegő photos: Andrea Fábián

    The vineyards and orchards nestling in the valleys between the hills of Zala have been neglected for five decades. In Oszkó, which has a unique climate, some presshouses of historic value were first reconstructed by members of the Hegypásztor Kör (Hill Shepherds’ Association). Later on the dried-up wells under the two three-hundred-year-old oaktrees at the entrance of the hill were cleaned and rebuilt. More and more people discovered the beauty of the old timbered, abode-walled thatch-roofed cellars and thus they were facelifted by respecting their predecessors. This way as a positive side-effect of backwardness values of ethnography have been preserved. In accordance with the design of settlement and the development of public utilities encouraged by the civilian association the builders can give shape to contain modest comforts of „weekend” peacefulness of the wine-cellars in which they can return to close-to-nature and „low-price” lifestyles. The „low-tech” construction naturally offers a place to experience the joys of the „creative design” carried out by the builder.