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  • FUGA is Five Years Old

    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photo: Tibor Zsitva

    Fotó: Zsitva Tibor

    The Budapest Chamber of Architects opened FUGA in the heart of the City in 2009 on a site where it could actually fulfil its function to attract the wider public of architecture because of its easy access and proximity. Now, five years later, FUGA is a multi-cultural centre open all day long, which is a venue of architectural, photo and fine arts exhibitions, concerts, book shows, discussions of design competitions, representative professional events of the university. Against ever-changing conditions including the start of FUGA Rádió and its termination after appr. 18 months, the transformation and conversion of ground-floor spaces, the introduction of children’s programmes and then their cancellation all prove that the institution flexibly reacts to and even cleverly shapes the needs of its audience in Budapest. Maybe it is actually its capacity to change continuously that its the greatest advantage of the FUGA; communication and contacts with other higher institutions specialized in arts as well as personal commitment and the reception of associated arts besides architecture. The café, books and the atmosphere have conjured FUGA into an attractive venue. Instead of functioning as a purely architectural centre it has evolved into a site where architecture is an integral part of everyday culture by now.