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  • Passive House, Active Museum

    The Extension of the Modern Hungarian Gallery, Pécs

    Architects: István Kistelegdi, ifj. István Kistelegdi
    Text: Károly Rőmer
    Photos: Antal Szentendrei

    The tensions resulting from the co-existense of the old and the new as well as the presentation of the 21st century previous ages and their relative proportions are all issues to be tackled now. A monumental single-storey Eclectic-Baroque style building formerly housing the County Hall was a given in this case. The museum moving in here to replace the administrative functions was matched with the intention of preserving the protected monument in an intact form. There was no significance change to be made to the contemporary srtructure and spatial configuration: the street elevations appear in their original historic forms without any modern additions. The extension constructed in the direction of the court, the materials and spatial organization of a three-layered passive house with glazing resulting in a glass-house and matched with the ideas of energy-consciousness are clearly separated from the old building. The structure steps out from the orthogonal system of the historic monument with its horizontal layout and has a revolved axis which is not an autotelic one, but adjusts to the direction of the access ramp organically integrated into the court and making the best use of the area available for the extension with a maximum degree of efficiency.

    Architects: István Kistelegdi, ifj. István Kistelegdi
    General design: Kistelegdi 2008 Építész Tervező Kft.
    Fellow architects: Miklós Halada, Judit Széll, Erika Vörös
    Construction planning: Ágnes M. Juhász
    Interior designer: Ágnes Uherkovich
    Structure: István Brandmüller
    Technical installations: Szabolcs Vígh
    Elecrical engineering: Béla Hegyi
    Overlay and landscape: Tibor Böjte
    Elevator: Endre Hlatky
    Environment: Magdolna Szathmáry
    Client: Baranya Megyei Önkormányzat
    Main contractor: Laki Épületszobrász Zrt.