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  • Science Park in Spain

    Parque de las Ciencias de Granada, 2008

    Text: Erika Nyáry
    Architects: Carlos Ferrater Lambarri, Eduardo Jiménez Artacho, Yolanda Brasa Seco
    Photos: Alejo Bagué

    Built after designs by Calatrava, Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias in Valencia is receiving and integrating a new district with cultural and recreational functions and an interactive science museum in its centre. In 2003 an architectural tender was conducted for the extension of the existing institutions of the „Palace of Miracles” in Granada. The winning design by Carlos Ferrater, a Catalanian architect was the result of his co-operation with the architects of Granada-based Jiménez Brasa studio. The architectural conception targeted at the creation of a new urban fabric by linking and joining the units of different functions with streets leaving airy spaces in-between them, and integrating all this underneath an enormous expanse of a joint roof structure. As it is a folded one, the plane of the roof alternates the angles of inclination creating slits between the folds to function as skylights flooding the interior with natural light which projects a variety of light cuts.