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  • A Gentle Person, A Gentle House

    Diploma Project, MOME, 2015

    Concept: Bori Fenyvesi
    Consultant: Balázs Marián


    Although gentleness and tameness are phenomena present in the history of human culture and civilisation for several millennia, we hardly ever associate them with our objcts and spaces even if it could offer an important approach to our accummulated and still more and more accummulating stock of our spaces, products and brands. The project described below draws attention to our capability to tame as well as its versatile utility. A most significant feature of the gentle house is that it is based on the existing environment of objects and spaces as well as the continuous interrelations of people with them, affecting human relationships and the interactions of people and their artificial/man-made/designed environment so that they become more gentle. The designer’s goal, which is achieving gentleness in my case, is integrated into the existing manifest, which radiates its effects onto users and the environment. This is how a gentle house can facilitate the evolution of humanity. Responding to the most typical difficulties former prisoners have to face, this gentle house is meant to support their living conditions by accommodating them, as well as to foster and to restore their human relations, to develop their approaches to work, and to facilitate their education with the means and tools of architecture.