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     ELTE Faculty of Humanities, Reconstruction

    Text: Edit Pálinkás
    Architect: István Mányi
    Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The reconstruction of the main building housing the Faculty of Arts of Loránd Eötvös University Tudományegyetem in Múzeum Boulevard has just been completed. Its facades facing the boulevard and Trefort Garden are graced by coloured brick and glazed ceramics almost invisible before the facelift. The glazed capitals of the pilasters were made after designs by Ármin Klein as the first official order placed with the Zsolnay manufactory. The reconstruction abounds with spectacular solutions restoring the patina of the university block worthy of its function as the cradle of science and the centre of arts. However, we miss the central space, an aula, an agora of the community concentrating information and helping orientation. Mányi Stúdió made a survey of the area concerned and tried its best defining the tasks to be included in the next phase of the reconstruction project in line with an integral concept.

    Library – 2007
    Leading architects: Mányi István, Mányi Dániel
    Fellow architect:  Tari Réka
    Interior design: Czéh Judit
    Structure: Szabó Lajos
    Engineering: Gergely Tünde, Marosi József
    Electrical engineering: Villányi László, Bogár Péterné

    Facade reconstuction – 2009
    Leading architects: Mányi István,  Mányi Dániel
    Architect: Molnár Judit
    Structure: Szabó Lajos
    Engineering: Gergely Tünde
    Electrical engineering: Bogár Péterné