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    Erzsébet Teaching Hospital New Diagnostics Block

    Architect: Zoltán Tima
    Text: Gábor Winkler
    Photos:Tamás Bujnovszky


    Based in Sopron, the Erzsébet Teaching Hospital has a brand new diagnostics block erected on a site which necessitated a carefully conceived and compact design with dense configuration as the terrain is a steep slope. Design work was further enhanced by the construction scheme which prescribed that the block had to be connected with the neighbouring care units via an underground corridor. A genuine underground hospital city was thus created in the hillside. The floor-plan configuration itself is „shifted so as to be diagonally symmetrical”, according to the description given by the architect himself. The floor-plan thus integrates two quadratic building parts which defined both the horizontal configuration and the overall mass of the house to the same extent. Rooms are arranged along four parallel corridors. The ground floor houses rooms for diagnostics and outpatient care, whilst the care units are on the first floor. This dense and practical configuration has been softened by two atriums and two skylit foyers. The rows of rooms grouped in five naves thus have spacious and transparent access spaces from every direction. The main units of the building appear already transparent from the two-storey foyer. Zoltán Tima built this new block beyond the Hungarian Art Nouveau-style hospital complex by making advantage of the steep terrain whilst respectfully leaving the strong characters of the existing precious pavilions intact and creating a characteristic, new and independent domain within the hospital premises.

    General design: Közti Zrt.
    Leading architect: Zoltán Tima
    Architect: Tamás Németh
    Fellow architects: Kaplony Tölgyesi, Zoltán Stein, Tibor Molnár J., Orsolya Ráti, Dóra Mélykúti-Papp , Máté Szabó
    Interiors: Zsuzsanna Kerecsényi
    Structure: Imre Gurubi, Ádám Becker
    HVAC: Tamás Lukács
    Electrical engineering: András Máramarosi, András Ritzl
    Landscape: Gabriella Havassy
    Medical technology: Mediplan Kft., Altero Kft.
    Accessibility: Zsófia Igali