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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Quarters for Pilgrims and Tourists in the Pilis

    Diploma Award 2012, MOME

    Concept: Lea Tóth
    Consultant: Zsófia Csomay

    The goal of pilgrimages in the Pilis Hills is travelling all along the route itself. After covering this distance of 56 km pilgrims reach the site considered to be their destination on the third day. Here they can have a rest and spend the night. My basic principle of designing is an architectural approach free of politics and religion. The structure wishes to adjust to nature by both the materials used and the preservation of natural potentials. It was the limestone hillside hiding a maze of caves and galleries that inspired the idea for the basic concept. I imagined quarters here as partly or entirely hidden in the womb of the hill. By introducing a minimal rate of comfort, an object has been created here that does not aspire to turn into a house.