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  • The Rebirth of a House by Lake Balaton, Tihany

    Architect: László  Mikó Ybl-díj 2010
    Text:  János Ripszám
    Photos: János Szentiváni

    Sitting on a lot with exceptional faculties and a panoramic view, there are three edifices here: a main structure with a garage on the southern confines and an auxiliary building of also residential function along the northern one. Erected in the 1930s, the main building is a single-storey structure with a T-shaped design evokes Romantic atmosphere: it had been a residential building with a porch and a hip-roof. The designer’s task was to remodel the main building for a family of five people where parents and their adult children can spend their summer holidays with their would-be grandchildren. As the “little house” may be used as a bedroom and bathroom unit, the main structure was to house three bedrooms as well as a spacious living room, a kitchen and a dining area. The basic principle of design was to match the traditional design with contemporary solutions of structure, architecture and interior design which necessitated the knowing approval and perfect commitment of the client. This story is about recognizing the sculpture in a block of stone and unfold it with meticulous care, tiny and precise hammer-strokes. Filled with the joy of odds and ends, the house is a unique one due to craftsmanship fastidiousness: this is what makes it genuinely real and authentic.