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    Design of the Entrance to Building „A” of the Hungarian National Gallery and its Surroundings – Open Brainstorm Tender for Students

    The Hungarian National Gallery published an open design tender for students professionally assisted by the Department of Public Design (Faculty of Architecture, Budapest of Technology and Economics) inviting designs for the entrance of Building „A” and its surroundings including their architectural reconstruction and interior design. A total of 44 designs were submitted by the deadline. The jury rated the tender as a successful one, awarding five designs and purchasing three of them.

    I. Prize – No. 41
    Design: Júlia Stein, Ádám Tátrai

    II. Prize – No. 17
    Design: Áron Sasvári, Zsófia Zétényi, Edit Zita Csaba

    and No. 28
    Design: Zoltán György Kozma, Ádám Mózes